Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's about that time again... Spaghetti family is at it again.

As we are getting ready to pack it up again, head off to one of our favorite places to travel, I wanted to see if there was anyone still here- whom may want to join us? In blog world, that is.
I have been doing a little bit of writing on my other blog
and when we leave for London in 3 weeks, I will been writing about my travels with my family. As Eddie brings his solo action, in support of the fabulous "Sundowner", to all you fine folks in the UK and Europe. Please come to to follow us on tour.
Here's our itinerary.

Wed 27.07.11 Academy 2, London, UK

Thu 28.07.11 Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff, UK

Fri 29.07.11 Thekla Bar, Bristol, UK

Sat 30.07.11 Joiners, Southampton, UK

Sun 31.07.11 Red Room, Nottingham, UK

Mon 01.08.11 OFF

Tue 02.08.11 Night and Day, Manchester, UK

Wed 03.08.11 Yardbirds, Grimsby, UK

Thu 04.08.11 Trillains, Newcastle, UK

Fri 05.08.11 Captain's Rest, Glasgow, UK.

Sat 06.08.11 Corporation, Sheffield, UK.

Sun 07.08.11 Central Station, Wrexham, UK.

Mon 08.08.11 OFF

Tue 09.08.11 Portland Arms, Cambridge, UK.

Wed 10.08.11 Academy 3, Birmingham, UK.

Thu 11.08.11 Color Fest @ Nouveau Casino, Paris, France.

Fri 12.08.11 Orange Peel, Frankfurt, Germany.

Sat 13.08.11 Stereo Wonderland, Cologne, Germany.

Sun 14.08.11 Flaming Star, Speyer, Germany.

Mon 15.08.11 Objekt 5, Halle, Germany.

Wed 17.08.11 Eburg, Erfurt, Germany.

Fri 19.08.11 Zwoelfzehn, Stuttgart, Germany.

Sun 21.08.11 Hard Place, Zagreb, Croatia.

Fri 26.08.11 Kafé Antzoki, Bilbao, Spain.

Sat 27.08.11 El Perro de la Parte de Atrás del Coche, Madrid, Spain.

Sun 28.08.11 Valhalla Rock Bar, Barcelona, Spain.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

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Monday, February 22, 2010

New blog alert!!

I'm trying to consolidate.
Come join the chaos.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Here we are again. It's resolution time.
I was telling Quattro about this "tradition", that people make themselves promises, etc... I don't think he thought it was a good idea. I think he is smart enough to know that you should just be your best self whenever possible and accept the times when you are not.
So my resolution?
Listen to my kids. This is something I do. I am a good listener but I want to make sure I am aware that I can always be better.
And travel less. Just this once. I want to be at home a little more, try it out. We'll see how that one goes...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Song writing

He's baaaaaaack!
So I wake up this morning to the sounds of a strumming guitar. It's the best thing about living with a musician, to have live music before coffee. And it's not the shitty kind. Not the kind you hear outside of an open street market (although they're not all bad either. mostly but not all).
It's a beautiful thing to see Eddie playing. He has had one hell of a year. All things aside, you'd think he's got it all figured out... maybe he does.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

"Mama I'm coming home"

Yay, he'll be here in about 2 hours, driving in from Spokane. I am so happy, and it's HALLOWEEN! I love it, we are real big on Halloween here. I can't wait to get Q all dressed up with his make-up etc, it's going to be amazing. I have worked so hard on this costume, which is something I look forward to doing every year. This year is blowing all the others out of the water for sure, and there have been some pretty damn good ones in the past.
So we are T-minus 9 days until we pack this up and hit the road, I was thinking I might bring my cute little video camera and video blog... how does one do that? I will have to find out with all my free time, HA!