Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Joan Jett

Eddie played a gig with Joan Jett the other night and after had her sign some stuff for the kids.
He asked her to sign a record to Elvis and she said "Elvis? Who's that?" and he said "that's my daughter"....
I don't know if it's hearing that sentence for the first time or the fact that she told him that she thought it was so cool we named our daughter Elvis-
either way Joan Jett rules even more now and so does Eddie. We're going to have a daughter!! Wow. Wow. Wow.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Texas heat, home sweet home and South America

Looks like the northwest is going to rival Texas for the sucky hot-as-hell weather. Eddie isn't a complainer (at all, ever- about anything, it is annoying but one of the many reasons I married him) but reading his last email to the fans, I can see that heat has got him. But he's the kind of guy that can roll with anything- again, annoying but one of the....
I woke up at 5 a.m. this morning. Homegirl is on some kind of schedule, it's strange as soon as she starts rolling around, I'm starving. So up I was to get a bowl of cereal, my go to food when the roosters are yet to stir.
Oh, I guess I should say that since we are back from Europe, I am thinking about keeping this blog going. I can't promise anything but a little news about us, what we're doing, where we're going- stuff like that. So if that's not interesting to you in any way- beat it.
That said my main man Eddie is gone for about 2 more weeks and then I do believe he will be home for one of the longest (if not the longest) stretch of time at home. I can't wait. I am so looking forward to looking at that mans face every morning for about 6 weeks.
That doesn't mean our time together will just be filled with diapers and back to school. He will be hitting the studio on his little break, taking Q along for the ride- that's all I should say about that because I'm not quite sure if he's let that cat out of the bag... oops, meow!
I got to help a little in picking the tunes- I know, I know but screw it, I've got good taste in music and if "What Do I Care" by Johnny Cash isn't in your top 5 best Johnny Cash songs (it's my #1) you should be ashamed of yourself. Our record collection has so much gold in it, Eddie isn't home around enough to find "that song" so it's my job, one of the many anyway. I can't wait for this record, it has been a long time coming and I get to be on the cover, so that is fun for me. I'm sure it will bring another solo tour and after Europe- I could pack up this house and do that shit full time. It really was the time of my life, one that you want to keep doing over and over. Next time we will have Elvis in tow, so what's not awesome about that?
And then there's South America. I can't tell you the jealousy I feel bubbling inside me and the pride that he gets to go. It's new territory people. That is a big deal. When you have been traveling the same streets year after year, it is a great accomplishment to get to try out something new. I know they will be back as a full band, Eddie is flying solo this time to test the waters, which I think is a good idea. If there's a scene they will get to go out with the ground somewhat paved, that is nice.
So that is it for now. I have a feeling I will be spending a lot of time at the library this week (supposed to be in the 90's), I'll write more then. We plan to see a bunch of movies and even brave the mall to avoid the heat. There's no a/c in Seattle- not in your house anyway, so shit gets "hot, sticky, sucks" real quick.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

And we're back.

Well, we've been back for 6 days but after an evening with our good friends, Peter, Brita and the Hitners, we are feeling "officially" back- as in, life is good. Real good. I sat on my butt 90% of the time tonight and in the blink of an eye it was 10:30 p.m. You know you are having a good time when that happens. Zach and Eddie manned the grill like manly men and the rest of us caught up, talked of babies, travel and bear claws. Q brought a pinata over and whacked the shit out of it. Flinging 1# of candy all over their back yard, good times.
I love the summertime in Seattle. After being in all the places we've been, Eddie and I agree 100% that this is the best city to live in. But after a night like tonight, I wonder if we'd think that of anyplace if we had our friends there too? Hmmm, well, I don't plan on finding out. I'm going to stay right here, Seattle is our home.
Yesterday was my birthday! I was greeted with singing and breakfast in bed. Eddie made swedish pancakes (to die for) and Q made my tea. In the beginning of this pregnancy I taught him how to make it because I was so miserably sick for a few months and you'd think he's from England, it's so damn good. They took me to see Harry Potter which was great, super chill day for the pregnant lady. Last night Eddie picked up food from one of our favorite places, El Camino in Fremont, and we ate out back. We followed dinner with a fire and made s'mores. It was a beautiful thing. It's nice to look down the last 10 years and see how far we've come and yet how little things have changed. The core stuff is the same, we're just cruising around, doing what we do, when we want and enjoying the shit out of it.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Holy shit!

We made it.
We are home. Well the two (three?) of us. E gets on a plane from Amsterdam in a few hours, he'll be home for dinner Monday night.
I'll get back on here once the fridge is full and we have had a little "us" time.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

"Mama I'm coming home"

That's what Eddie always sings into the phone when he's boarding a plane, or heading to the airport. I feel like singing it today because I am heading home. It has been a long, strange trip- not to quote the Dead or anything but it has. It all started with Eddie flying into Seattle and basically coming home to take a nap, repack and head out on our Family Holiday Tour. 3 weeks traveling through Europe and the UK, two nights in the beautiful Chateau Marmont, the Hootenanny and then we split our separate ways, him back to Europe, me to AZ (um, in July... bad idea all around).
I can't wait to climb into bed on Monday night, Q in his loft downstairs and E and I in our pillow infested love nest. I can't wait.
I would write more but I can't, I'm too hot. I need to go to the market and get some salad fixin's for a little family pizza party tonight.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hell... Is that you?

Okay, I have said it every hour of everyday I have been here- AZ sucks! Well, not entirely, I mean the weather. I am practically dying here people. I can't take it. I moved when I was 19 and being here I am reminded of why. Summer! Can you say 120*? I'm not even kidding.
So we roll in on Sunday we will be peeling out on Sunday... I like to say 4 days is my limit but I have a big family, so time was of the essence. I haven't been here in a while and it is nice to put my feet on the ground with them. Or it is a big fat reminder of why I left and it makes me really happy with that decision.
I want to wrap up the tour but I want to show the pics! So I will wait till I get home.
Eddie is at SFO right now, getting ready to board a plane back to our second home- Europe. I feel the memories of that trip will tide us over until we set off on "Spaghetti Family Holiday Tour Pt. 2" this time it will be the four of us. We will be taking Elvis and Q to Australia in the fall for a very similar affair. We are so excited (thanks Chris) and even though that girl of ours will be so tiny, we are going to make her entrance into our lives as crazy and epic as possible, that way she'll know what she's gotten herself into.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


I still can't post any pictures. Ugh, what a bummer.
We are in Irvine, CA today- woke up too early of course, we are still in the jet of the lag...
Hootenanny was great. It was just as we hoped. Hot, sticky and a kiddie pool. The guys went on really early, I think it was a punishment for not playing last year. They were billed high on the poster but played at like 3:30, it was good though, we got to get our shop on at the booths. Eddie bought Elvis a skirt, I think as an ode to Churilla, it has a monster theme to it and I bought a butterfly hair clip with a skull in the middle, very "dia de los muertos" you can check them out at
Bolton rolled in about 3 minutes before they played and left before the stage was cleared, I love it, he's a total rock guy.
And now here we sit, fresh out of the pool, already had breakfast and it isn't even past 10 a.m..
We are about to go our separate ways for a bit. Q and I are off to AZ to visit my family. It has been over a year since I have been back there, it is time. I wish it wasn't going to be 150* but it is time nonetheless. We are really excited to see them all, hang out and enjoy my Mom's cooking and conversation. I miss her.
Eddie is going to hit the road with the guys. They are heading up to Lake Tahoe and then back to Europe for a couple of festivals. I'm telling you, that guy better be keeping track of his miles, he's sure to fly free to the moon when the seats come available.
We will meet back up at home mid July, just before my birthday. We have spent a lot of the last 10 years' anniversaries and birthdays apart, not to mention some major holidays. That is all changing for us, whether we hit the road or Eddie stay put- we are going to make it a point to be together more. Having the "triangle" together for the last 3-4 weeks has been amazing, I am sure there's a better word for it. I thought we would all get sick of each other. We are usually going different ways after a week or two, so to be together 24/7 and really want it to stay that way makes me feel grateful that we are celebrating 10 years this fall and things couldn't be more solid. I think it's rare, I hope it's not I genuinely wish more people had the kind of relationship I do. I am not bragging, I'm not rubbing it in your face, I'm telling you it's out there, go get it, go ahead.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


So I only have a second. I should be splashing my face with water and putting on my clothes but I just wanted to say that we made it. We have reached our last gig. Woke up this morning in... where were we? Sheffield maybe. Anyway, woke up early and got the hell. Took less than 3 hours to get here, checked in to our Camden hotel and we were off. I have loads of pics to post as soon as we find that cord (or replace it once back in the states), we took the tube, ate ice cream by the river and we rode the "London Eye"- man, it was HOT! It still is, speaking of which this a/c we have going on in the room is hypnotizing me into not getting ready and if I'm not there at least by doors to get the merch set up I'll get fired!!! Ya right. But I do want to have a proper evening in London, Q is having room service right now and I will have dinner with Eddie, no doubt standing behind the booth- hey, whatever works, rest will have to wait.