Wednesday, July 1, 2009


So I only have a second. I should be splashing my face with water and putting on my clothes but I just wanted to say that we made it. We have reached our last gig. Woke up this morning in... where were we? Sheffield maybe. Anyway, woke up early and got the hell. Took less than 3 hours to get here, checked in to our Camden hotel and we were off. I have loads of pics to post as soon as we find that cord (or replace it once back in the states), we took the tube, ate ice cream by the river and we rode the "London Eye"- man, it was HOT! It still is, speaking of which this a/c we have going on in the room is hypnotizing me into not getting ready and if I'm not there at least by doors to get the merch set up I'll get fired!!! Ya right. But I do want to have a proper evening in London, Q is having room service right now and I will have dinner with Eddie, no doubt standing behind the booth- hey, whatever works, rest will have to wait.

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