Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hell... Is that you?

Okay, I have said it every hour of everyday I have been here- AZ sucks! Well, not entirely, I mean the weather. I am practically dying here people. I can't take it. I moved when I was 19 and being here I am reminded of why. Summer! Can you say 120*? I'm not even kidding.
So we roll in on Sunday we will be peeling out on Sunday... I like to say 4 days is my limit but I have a big family, so time was of the essence. I haven't been here in a while and it is nice to put my feet on the ground with them. Or it is a big fat reminder of why I left and it makes me really happy with that decision.
I want to wrap up the tour but I want to show the pics! So I will wait till I get home.
Eddie is at SFO right now, getting ready to board a plane back to our second home- Europe. I feel the memories of that trip will tide us over until we set off on "Spaghetti Family Holiday Tour Pt. 2" this time it will be the four of us. We will be taking Elvis and Q to Australia in the fall for a very similar affair. We are so excited (thanks Chris) and even though that girl of ours will be so tiny, we are going to make her entrance into our lives as crazy and epic as possible, that way she'll know what she's gotten herself into.


  1. Does that thing about it being a "dry" heat actually help?

  2. No, it is the biggest crock of shit, hot is hot- except in New Orleans... they've got something different going on there...