Monday, June 29, 2009

Newcastle, England

Upon Tyne, as they say. Or, they may say- that's what the map says.
So here we sit, still in our underwear. Well some of us. This morning we treated ourselves to breakfast in bed, room service style.
We were up late last night, Skyping with my family. My mom went to my sisters and we got to chat with them along with my niece and nephew (who was a wee bit sleepy himself). It was nice to see all of their faces, even if my mom's first words to me were "you look tired". Ouch!
I feel great, we all do, amazingly. We are wrapping it up here in the UK, our "Family Holiday Tour" is coming to an end, with a mere three shows to be had before we are back in the states, resting our heads in Hollywood at the Chateau Marmont, thanks tot he fabulous Carolyne. I can't wait to get in the pool, jet lagged with nothing to do. No boxes to move, no luggage to hump in and out of the car- well, for two days anyway. And we get to see Chris Neal!!! And all the guys. Eddie was just saying this morning that he misses playing with the guys, which I think is cute. Awwwwww......
But today we are going to walk up the street to do some quality shopping. We have some gift buying to wrap up and I really would like to bring my Mother something other than the magnet I bought her in Scotland. I can say what I got her because last night I was informed her and my sister only "look at the pictures" in my blog and they don't actually read it, but I have a sneaking suspicion she reads it at work, so SURPRISE, you lucky lady are getting yourself a magnet!
I should go now. Seems like we have lost our camera cord, to download pics into the computer. That's a bummer, I have to go spank someone's butt about it.

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