Saturday, June 13, 2009


Show number two. Done. Yay!
So tonight was decidedly more mellow than last night but you know, it just isn't Berlin so what do you expect. I have to say though, it was pretty damn fun. We were once again met outside by the promoter, Jan was super nice and gave us all the in's and out's of the night, which is more than I can say for our booking agent, but let's not ruin it.
It was fun. Their cheering reminded me of a soccer game. Like somoene kicks a goal and "YYYAAAAAAHHHHHHYYYYYY" and then- silence. I hear it is like that in Japan too.
Anyway, it was "Japanese Day" today and they were having this crazy celebration. Fireworks, street vendors, crazy costume wearing freak-a-zoids and I'd guess about a 150,000 people walking the tiny streets of Dusseldorf's city center. It was madness. We tried to take a photo of it all when we were pulling out but you couldn't really capture that amount of insanity. All we could do was sit in the car and laugh, we were stopped by the swarms of people. Finally I started to just creep through but it was hilarious. And then there was the train- full of people, I mean "sardine can" doesn't even come close to what this was. It was every man for himself, at least 200 people in one train car- hysterical.
Alright, I'm being called for bed now. It is like 1:50 a.m. and homegirl needs to hit the sack. We are off to Switzerland tomorrow which brings a long drive but a really happy family. We spent my first Mother's Day there when Q was just like 5 months old, it was rad, we rode a pedal boat in this amazingly blue lake, ate delicious food... we are going for round two- and what's that? It's almost Father's Day? It must be fate.


  1. that map's too tiny for me to read. how do i make it bigger?

  2. First off I would like to say that I admire your efforts, all that being a family on the roadstuff. I guess it can be hard sometimes, but as you repeatedly wrote, I can also imagine it's well worth the effort.
    Then, thanks to all of you for coming to my hometown Düsseldorf and kicking hard, we really had a blast and the Paceshifters left a lasting impression.
    And lastly, did you guys get to listen to the Moonshine Gamblers CD I gave Eddie at the merch? (Nerdy question, I know, but naturally I'm curious to know, hope that is forgiven.)
    All the best for the rest of Europe, enjoy the trip and make it home safely. And I'm crossing my fingers for you for a healthy baby in a couple of weeks...

    Cheers from Düsseldorf