Thursday, June 18, 2009

Den Haag, Nederlands

sound check
Tonight they rock the SuperMarkt.
So we rolled out of the tenderloin bright and early this morning and pull into Den Haag about 2 p.m. Unfortunately our bad luck follows and "Geeps" craps the bed. As soon as we pull into our first turn off the highway, he just loses signal, starts pointing in 12 different directions and that's that. We're lost. A great town to be lost in though, the streets are small and windy, there's about a hundred people on super cute dutch bikes, a canal full of lily pads and row boats, it's like a Meg Ryan movie!
It was almost easy not to be frustrated, after leaving the crotch of Cheeseburg, tooling around the streets of cutie pie Den Haag was alright with me. Eddie on the other hand, finds it hard not to get totally pissed when Geeps takes off. Men. I'm guessing he just gets mad because he then has to get out and go ask for directions. Which no man likes to do, and when you are up against the Dutch, well if you've heard the Dutch, you'd know, it's not easy. So many vowels!
Anyway, I told him to keep his pants on and we then found the place, Hotel Centrum. My hero! It is beautiful, giant white leather couches, a master bedroom with a balcony- a place to rest (with both eyes shut).
So that's what I did. I laid on the bed, took my shoes off and fell fast asleep. Eddie and Q went wandering about to find some food, after my nap I was greeted with lunch and we then took a stroll to find the club and that is where I sit.
In fact the Pace Shifters have just gone on and I am going to go check 'em out. They are getting better every night- if you don't know them, go to You will not be sorry.


  1. This blawg is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love "parent differently" blogs and being a SS fan, well...thanks to my husband who told me about yours. I'm an ex-punk rock (okay, it's still in me...) chick w/ 2 boys ages 3 and 15 months getting my psychology doctorate in Kalamazoo, MI. I blog for sanity:
    and also love (Detroit stay at home dad, v. funny)
    I love that you say I'm a great mother w/ no apology. Don't go changin'...XO, Tory in K'zoo
    ps, sing the SS country songs as lullabies sometimes..

  3. I will totally check out your blog. Thanks for reading mine.
    Dead In The Water was always a classic puttin' the boy to bed song.