Monday, June 15, 2009

Stuttfart, Germany

And we're back. Back in Germany that is.
Short drive today, I didn't even have time to get tired of driving. I will go ahead and enjoy that.
So I was thinking about our animals today, I hope they are all doing well. Monkee is no doubt in all of her glory with the Hoopers, they are really good people and if I had to pick God parents for her, they'd be it. 
It's rainy and muggy and there's no damn internet at this htl, don't you know we are going to be here two days. The front desk lady is very German about the whole thing saying there will be no internet while we are here- just like that, no internet. Ugh.
Quattro has taken to buying German comic books, he can't read them of course but funny translates I guess. He was sitting in the back seat cracking up


  1. My favorite city in Germany. I lived outside of Stuttgart for 5 months. I wish I were there. I'm telling my friends to go to the show!!!

    Eric Forsgren - Utah

  2. I don't think your friends made it. Ha ha. LIghtly attended but still a really good time.