Sunday, June 21, 2009

Relationships doomed?

We figured out Geeps is like a good marriage. After little thought on the matter, I thought I would share my view incase any of you out there are in the market for a marriage... er, I mean a GPS.
You are together for the exact same purpose and rely on each other to do things the other can do themselves, but the set up is suited best for both of you. Being taken care of and the ever important, feeling needed.
Somehow in the mix, tasks are assigned as the things that you do "better" whether or not that is true remains undiagnosed for one simple purpose and that is to make the other feel good about themselves. While you take the much needed break in that department.
Every once in a while (or more often during a rough patch) you fail miserably because you defaulted. The reason only know by you seems maddeningly stupid to the other. You fight, call each other the obligatory name that infuriates one into stone cold silence, as if time is standing still for them but you are getting more lost by the second. It seems that things are gone. Thoughts of, why are we together? I could do all this by myself, probably better. Why did you change so drastically for what seems to be no reason at all? Will things ever be like they were? Were they ever that good?
All of the sudden you aren't a team player, you are screwing everything up, you think you went separate ways at an invisible fork in the road, or was it visible? You didn't see it because you don't have a map! There are no manuals, or maybe there was one at some point in the beginning but it is long gone like this relationship... or is it?
The signal pops back up and the silence parts and in rushes the love. You find yourself reminiscing about a really good time and all is forgiven- you know why you are together, apologies are exchanged but mostly from the side that lost their shit and all is right with the world.
You are now free to find your destination, that you let your partner map out for you.
He got us really lost again. That Geeps, but we love him and we're all learning a little more about the game.

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