Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Supersucker fans.

There it is again, the chatter on the msg board about little ol' me. I think it is true that all press is good press but I wanted to say "thank you" to my sweet friends on there. You know who you are. It really doesn't affect us to read the BS though, I mean we are traveling through Europe, what do I have to complain about? Some faceless punk? Ha! He should keep it up because the more people that read the msg. board will read my blog and that is fun for me. I am not writing it so no one will read it. Win. Win. And yes I do read the bands msg board still, all of it. I just can't log on, I'm on Eddie's computer over here and I can't remember my login info. But this is a machine we are running, this is it it's not a side job, it's a lifestyle- the whole thing. I do whatever I can to keep this thing of ours going. I don't want to give up my position in life as a stay- at- home- or- anywhere- in- the- world Mom. I've got it real good and I am fully aware of that and so is Eddie. We are the lucky ones and we know that. Eddie's letter to the fans and all of the correspondence any of us do as a family will no doubt relate somehow to the band. I will "whore" this thing out until the end sweet pea.

It is unfortunate I guess about the baby stuff but really on this end, it is what it is. Once you are "out there" (and who isn't these days) you are available for cheap shots. But I do respect my fellow SS fans that take it upon themselves to defend the honor of the unborn. I'm not too worried about what it is my children will do with their lives when they grow up, I'm not even worried about what kids (or their parents) think about their names, playground or no playground. And if they grow up to be doctors or lawyers or street sweepers, my job is to make sure they learn to not take too seriously all the faceless punks that will follow them in their life, because it'll happen. She's got about 3 more months in the womb still and already a fan base. Do I think that's a plus for her? Not neccessarily but like I said, it is what it is. Our life.

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  1. eh, don't listen to those douche bags and you guys keep doing what you are doing, raising good kid(s) and rocking people's asses. I think Elvis is a way cute name for a girl; we have a boy named Dokken, I know thats terrible, and we aren't crazy fans of the band, but we liked it and it suits him. Best of luck and safe travels. -Shauna B. BTW, tell Eddie to come to Tucson sometime, we don't get out to Phoenix much for shows since we just had another baby, an in-town show would be awesome. Take care.