Saturday, June 20, 2009

Good morning Eindhoven!

Ahhhh, I feel rested. I feel stiff as hell but rested.
We stayed at the Hotel Benno, cute lobby, great employees- really old beds. Alright, I'll just say it, it was kind of a dump.
When you walk in the htl lobby you think you are checking into the Ritz, everything is modern and funky but the rooms lacked the same enthusiasm to say the least. I'm not even going to talk about the shower, but I had to, my feet were black!
It was in the "Centrum" (think city center), which pretty much is where you always want to be on tour. Staying on the outskirts of anywhere is a drag.
So anyway, we walk up more curling, tiny stairs and the room was less than impressive. But like Eddie said "at least the bathroom is in the room!". Point taken. We decide it will get us through the night. Heidelberg is at our fingertips, we can almost taste it... I suddenly think I have too much riding on this next htl but out here the backstage and htl room is your home. Who wouldn't want them to rock, simultaneously in fact? Traveling with a kid, not to mention pregnant gal (but that is another blog) these things are important. You look for a little more than a place to sleep. Our checking in requires a certain pattern. It has to be within walking distance to a late night snack, we must have extra pillows (Mommy's can I get a "hell ya"?), we like to have a little space so we can whip out the Sculpturades and Uno games and E and I can have a little privacy- which in Europe is about as often as their is a bathtub... not often. Last night our beds laid there (they took a double room and added a bed, right next to the sink which was oddly placed in the room, set apart from the bathroom) right next to each other. All single mattresses, all leaning, heavily, to the right... I had a funny thought that in the middle of the night we'd all find ourselves piled on top of Eddie on the floor, this didn't happen, but it was a funny thought. You're probably not laughing, but you didn't see the beds.
Speaking of laughing, when we left Den Haag yesterday- I don't know what got into us but we were rolling in a fit of laughter, I had a thought that pot is legal in the Nederlands and I wonder if they just pumped it into the air? I thank them, I laughed until I cried and I can't even remember what about. Well there was Eddie choking on a jelly bean, that is making me laugh right now as I sit in the hotel lobby sipping on my cold coffee (boo) alone. Ahhh, next time we should bring a video camera- this tour has been full of hilarious moments.
Okay, Eddie and Q are back from packing up the car and I am sure to get "the look" momentarily so I will surprise him and pack it up. We've been together 10 years now, it's good to keep in interesting.

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