Saturday, June 6, 2009

6 countries, 21 days, 16 shows, 1 rad kid, 1 guitar holding man and a pregnant girl. Adventure awaits.

We are about to set off. Four days and counting (and three days until Eddie gets home). We are chomping at the bit to get out of here. I have cabin fever really, really bad.
This year has been exceptional, some changes have been made that are not only life changing for all of us, but really I think they are impeccably timed... such as life for the Daly's.
So this blog will be updated nightly (I hope). We have quite the journey ahead of us, one very similar adventure was taken when Q was 4 months old. We set out to do 5 weeks, something like 15 countries in the little van that could. That trip had a couple of friends with us and this time it'll just be us. Yay!
We showed Q from the very beginning how things were going to be- he was not to change us, but we were going to change him, morph him, if you will. I think it worked out, he is highly adventurous, knows no limits when it comes to fun, travel and his imagination. He's a product of growing up on tour- and this blog will be an extension to that, minus the debauchery. Mama's pregnant.
JD & the boys 
(which in three months will change... "JD, Elvis and the boys"?)

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