Friday, June 19, 2009

Freaky- deaky Dutch

Woke up this morning and went downstairs where Eddie and I enjoyed a little breakfast while Q caught up on some zzzz's He was up all kinds of late last night watching said freaky-deaky dutch. After his 11:30 a.m. wake up call- or cover snatching from Eddie, we got him together and hit the streets of adorable Den Haag. First up, coffee because what they were dishing out at the Centrum was about as good as a week old beer. We head back over to the place that served us dinner, they know coffee.
We stopped at a bunch of little shoppes along the way, we are all on the search for some items on our Euro journey. It is always nice to have a "plan" otherwise we'd come home with a lot of crap and crap we don't need.
I want a new purse, a good one, not a Marshall's purse (not that there's anything wrong with that) and Q (well, Q wants everything but he's 8 so we allow that- remember my motto?) he wanted a wallet which he got in Switzerland. Check!
Eddie wants (aka needs desperately) a new guitar case- his doesn't have a handle... quality stuff right there and he wants a white belt. He got one in NYC about 3 years ago and let's just say it has seen better days.
So we're walking, we stop about just about every toy store. Picking up a little something for the new Ms. Daly, Q got a wooden bow and arrow set and a parachuting martian holding a guitar (which he named "Zinky") and a cool toy called "Zeebeez"- it's highly entertaining, I recommend it to anyone that is traveling with a kid. It was nice, it was fun to walk around with the family. We do so much driving and hanging out at the clubs, today was super nice to just wander. Eindhoven was only an hour and half drive so we, of course, waited until the last minute to leave, which is usually about 20 minutes past the last but this is our rodeo, so we can do that.
I found that purse I was looking for, it rocks, I love it so much I am waiting to use it after I get home. Touring is dirty, this purse is way too nice for the backstage floor. It will most likely turn into my diaper bag but it will be one kick ass diaper bag so I'll take it.
We found this huge music store where we just knew Eddie was going to walk out a winner- alas, it wasn't his day. The case they had he didn't like, it was kinda cheesy and even though it had a handle E's got his own thing going and when he wants something in particular, he waits for the kill.
Speaking of kill. I am going to kill myself if I have to sit here and listen to these boys pop that ZeeBeez toy one more time and I have to walk down this damn ladder backwards, in my floor dragging skirt I wore- so I better go. Pack it up, call it a day and tomorrow we rock Heildelberg. Actually I think the show is in Speyer, just outside there but we'll be staying two nights in that rad htl I booked, so I can't wait to get on with it. We will be slipping into our swim suits and walking through this fabulous castle, which I will post pics of. Eddie and I walked through this same castle when I was pregnant with Q. I could have stayed there for days, it was stunning.
So the Dutch shows were "ehh". I'm not sure if they "get it" or if they are just too brainwashed by the techno (which most European cities lean towards, if you ask me. There's almost always a curfew on rock shows so they can get out the glow sticks) but if I had to score it- the Germans take it. Their enthusiasm mopped the floors with those who reside in the Nederlands.

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  1. HI! Just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I'm loving the blog. It's fantastic to read about your day to day life on the road and thanks for taking the time to do it. I've been a Supersuckers fan for a few years and finally saw my first show at the beginning of this month. It blew me away and now I'm a Supersuckers addict. Made the mistake of going to the Message Board... I should know better, those places seem to be leeching fields for negativity. This is much nicer... I'm really only interested in what y'all have to say anyway. So keep it up, enjoy the rest of the tour, and keep us fans posted. You ARE the greatest.