Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rawkusly yours from Cheeseburger

Well tonight they showed up and they loved it. They were a fabulous crowd and Q and the Pace Shifter boys had a great time running around, burning off some steam.
We walked the water front after dinner, it looked a bit like we could have been in Seattle, it was nice. We are definitely on the wrong side of the tracks where I sit now.
We are back at our "hotel" and it's about the only time I wish I was still at the smokey club. Ugh, do these people like to smoke. They like smokes with their smokes... kids- just say no to smoking. It is disgusting.
Anyway, the street here is loud. I feel weary of our ability to sleep tonight. The guy down the hall has his TV on so loud Eddie wants me to wake him up if I go use the bathroom- I suggested his TV is loud so no one can hear you scream... We are setting the alarm for extra early, how's 7 a.m. strike ya (it's like 1:30 a.m. now) because this place is sure to set us up for a rough day if we stick around in the morning. I figure we get up and scram and pretend like it never happened. We are in the tenderloin of tenderloins, I feel dirty. I figure I spent enough years roughing it to know when I am too "good" for this stuff and it is now.
At the club tonight I booked us two nights in a rather pricey hotel in Heidelberg for the weekend. We have a day off and it will be spent getting back on track, I'm trying not to obsess, you can see how well that's going for me.
I wish I had more to say, I'd stay up all night typing. I feel like someone needs to watch these boys sleep. Oh I'm (half) kidding Mom, it's not that bad... it's not that good either but I will be sure to log on in about 5 hours so you know we are all still alive.
Good night, sleep, um, with one eye open.


  1. Hope you made it through the night.
    Sounds like a great trip, and a wonderful family experience. Thank you for sharing.
    Looking forward to celebrating the USA's birthday with The Supersuckers.

    Mike J.
    Huntington Beach, CA

  2. Q is big :-) Have a huge tour and hopeo you liked to play in Lisboa, portugal, last April. Cheers.

  3. Q is getting so big! What a lucky boy to have such awesome parents. He'll make a great big bro. He's already experienced more in his short lifetime than I probably ever will in mine. Lucky, lucky kiddo - you guys are doing something right - just look at that happy face! Congrats on the bun in the oven! "Elvis" or whatever you choose to call her will suit her just fine, but you already knew that.

    Thanks for sharing your trials and tribulations on the road in Europe. Very cool!

    Whit from KC