Saturday, June 27, 2009

From York to Manchester

Well here we are. We are at the club, "Night and Day" and it is a little like night and day compared to last nights show.

We woke up really early this morning in our York hotel. Due to our said old people establishment and rules- which was nice, other than the no a/c, sharing a bed with Q

and giant African sized spider that crawled under Quattro's shoe, things were good. The breakfast was very English, my favorite. Have you ever tried baked beans with eggs and toast? Do it! Go ahead- do it, it is delicious and sticks with you way longer than a bowl of cereal does. After a quick swim for Q,

we packed the car and headed into the city center where the spooky stuff lies. York

is said to be the most haunted city in England, so we were all about that. We walked around the curling streets, picked up a scooter for Q and a white belt for Eddie (YAY!!!). I bought some lemon curd for my grandparents, something about little bottles with jams, honey and curd always make me think of them.
We were going to eat lunch by the water but decided to go for a bit of tea first and we ended up at Betty's. Oh Betty... you are adorable, and delicious! We ordered a tier of tea sandwiches and sweet treats- it was VERY English, you know, the fancy kind. But I have to say, the service was a bit... cold? Our waiter was French and I'm not saying that is why he was cold, I like the French, I don't care what anyone says, ha ha. He seemed irritated to be working and it was such a cute place, it would probably get on my nerves too. To see people in and out all day, pretending they actually have afternoon tea with tiny sandwiches and itty bitty pastries. It's like playing dress up, cute but annoying to those who can't join in I guess.

Well it was lovely and we sat right by the window so we could people watch, a favorite of the Daly family. I could people watch all day long and sometimes I do. There were a lot of pregnant women and they were all dressed up like babies- you know, maternity clothes are made to make you look like a giant baby, I guess to prepare you for the upcoming arrival. Well, enough about that.
We got our shop on a little more, Q got his characiture drawn and then we decided it was time to move onward.

It sorta feels like NYC here n Manchester. Very American looking, not a lot of gothic style buildings which you find almost everywhere in Europe and the UK. It felt a little like home, or do I just miss my home? I predicted this trip would be just long enough to make me want to come back home and I think we are right on track people.
Our hotel room over looked the city center, where they have a huge fountain that kids can run in. The streets were lined with tents, with bits of crap for sale. We love buying off the street. It is cheaper and more interesting for sure. Q and Eddie decided to partake in the street grub, getting sausages and cheeseburgers.

Q had a couple of bites and then started making this hissing sound- he got the stinkiest of stinky cheeses on his burger. He said he "kinda" liked it, but after every bite, he made the hissing sound. I think it is because the cheese was so strong he could visualize a stream of green smoke coming out of his mouth... well after eating it was time to hit the fountain.

It was hot in Manchester, the weather is quite different here than it was in Europe, which is good because we are heading to LA and then on to AZ next weekend, so we should get used to it I guess.


  1. ooh, are you coming to AZ? please call!

  2. q, i am totally impressed with how good you've gotten on the guitar. look out school of rock!