Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

I raise my glass to all you father's out there. Well, actually just the good ones.

We spent our final night with the Hot Cheese and their family in Speyer. It was bittersweet, sad to leave them as we all had a great time but excited for the next turn in our little adventure.
We will be heading back on the ferry to the UK tomorrow. Tonight we reside in Heidelberg, Germany again. What a beautiful place. We woke up in our fabulous Club Room suite, where the mini bar is free and the pillows are plenty. After a classic Euro style breakfast we all headed to the pool. It was completely empty and really, really awesome.

After some quality time in the pool and a snoop around the nude area (hot tub, sauna and a solarium) we were off to find some good ol' German grub. We, with the help of the hotel guy, ended up at the Spiesel. It was exactly what the baby ordered. Our best German meal by far on this trip and it was right by the Karl- Theodor Bridge.

After "linner" we headed off to the trolley station to take a ride up to the castle, oh... that beautiful castle. But wait! First the rain. You can see it coming, dark cloud and the people on the walking street all start ducking under the shop overhangs or step into an archway. We follow suit (hey, when in Rome) and duck under cover for a few, then being the impatient Americans we are, we decided to just suck it up and get wet- we are not going to melt. Seconds later it seemed the rain just disappeared and the skies were clear as could be. Q kept part of his roll from his meal to feed his new fascination- pigeons.

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