Saturday, June 27, 2009

Glasgow rock city!

Here I sit at the merch booth with Q and Eddie. What a rad night. We showed up at the club and were promptly greeted by Ally, super nice guy. We drop our things, no soundcheck for E, he likes to keep it a little off the cuff like that. Anyway of course Q is hungry, actually we all were, we were doing laundry at lunchtime and forgot to feed ourselves. So we're walking and spot Chippy's, funny name, great food. Come back to the club with just enough time to set up shop. I'm really diggin' selling merch, getting to talk with everyone, and I LOVE hearing that these cool people are reading my little blog, like Fille (sorry if I butchered your name). I have so much respect for Amber and Chris. They do this shit every night and it's not easy but I'd like to see them do it almost 8 months pregnant. Ha!
Ricky Warwick is playing right now and if you don't have his record go out and get it. Go ahead , I'll wait... He's amazing, one of those voices you could just listen to all night, one of those guys that makes cheating sound romantic. The bastard.
Speaking of bastards, Eddie's just sitting here looking at me so I should try and show him a good time.


  1. 8:45?!? Well we caught the last four songs. So, £2 a track. And annoyingly it was well worth it too.

    BTW, I do realise these things are nothing to do with yourselves. I really don't approve of the tendancy towards having gigs at tea-time. Remember the band playing the ABC2 (last but one time here) and we again got there halfway through the set and were back across the road with a pint in front of us before 10pm.

  2. Hi Spaghetti family,cheers from four very Happy
    peepz,we had an Awesome time ,as was with great respect Mr Warwick. Eddie converted my Sharon and mates cha cha cha!We had our no kids day in glas'gee noodle bar,bar down the road live guitar bloke,drinks then into your show.It was great to meet you all,way cool.All
    the best for you 'four'when bid day comes.happy trails .dav shaz neilo tracy x

  3. It's due to all the "disco" that goes on over here. The bands all have curfews, get kicked out so the strobe lights and glow sticks can come out.

  4. Hey Dude, was cool talkin to ya on Saturday. i posted a blog on my bands myspace about the gig
    Anyway safe journey back home and good luck with the new arrival!! Cheers Fili x