Saturday, June 27, 2009

Thursday morning in York, England

Another rough night of sleeping.
The last two nights we have shared our bed with Q and that doesn't sound like much to complain about but it is enough for me. There's no room, they are all wiggly, the only thing good about it is their face is right there when you open your eyes and the sound of them breathing. That is the sound of angels... well, if I believed in angels. Anyway-
We have never done the "family bed" and although comfort wasn't the reason for that decision, it is now holding a steady place in the list of reasons. Our bed is reserved for us, Saturday morning cartoons and the middle of the night sick kid. Beds are not meant to be shared with squirrely kids- well not my bed anyway.
We stayed at the Newington House in York, it is beautiful really but pretty much meant for old people. We had this thought when we checked in and the front desk informed us that breakfast was over "half nine" and check out was a mere hour later. Ouch! That's early, especially for rockers like ourselves who crawl into bed at 2 a.m. Again had the thought that this was for reserved for the older folk when we were at breakfast the guy took my order, then Eddie's and then proceeds to walk away, without a thought of Q. Trust me, that kid eats more than Eddie and I put together and Quattro don't share food!

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