Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hello Scotland!

I heard "if it's not Scottish, it's crap!" and I believe it.
I love Scotland, it is beautiful.
Our drive from Manchester was late in the day because we were having so much fun there, it was nice to hit the road and have an evening of English and Scottish countryside out the window. But first! Traffic jams. They do 'em up good here, traffic jam-up's are a plenty.
We pull into town at about 9 p.m. and head straight for our hotel, which looked very nice online. We were looking forward to it, after all we have the night off, which means two nights in the same place, it's like a birthday when that happens. Very exciting. You know what isn't exciting? The look on Eddie's face after he had checked us in. He came out, I was in the car still (Q was asleep) and Daddy didn't look happy. I can't tell if he was thinking about the place sucking or thinking about the upcoming events because he knew we wouldn't be staying.
We made our way into the room, but not without a little drama. A telltale sign we shouldn't stay. I leave Q at the door to tell Eddie to take the lift with the bags because there were more than a few stairs to climb- I took the stairs with the key to look at the room (hey, I gotta get in some exercise, there's no Ballard Health Club here). Well for some reason after Q told Eddie he should take the lift and he then took the stairs. I had already made it to the hovel and when Eddie came to the door, there was no Q. Shit! This is just like that time in Disenyland when we both look at each other and notice simultaneously that neither of us have our shorty. Double shit. We are in Scotland now, not Disneyland where they have people hired specifically to look for lost kids- really, they do, it's shameful, I know but this is indeed a fact.
I send Eddie racing down to the lobby and then get a call from the front desk "um, do you have a child missing?" I wanted to say "wrong room lady" but I told her yes, and that his father was currently doing the walk of shame.
I can't lie, Q was upset. He is good in strange places, he deals with his ever changing surroundings and adults on a daily basis like a pro, but he was lost and he had just woken up. Point deducted from the Daly parent score sheet- well, a point from Eddie's side anyway. I'm kidding...

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