Friday, September 25, 2009


That was quite a break. A month has passed and well- there's good reason.
We here at the Daly house have a new little baby to call our own.
I thought for sure I'd still have time to blog, but with the mother's coming to visit, both mine and Eddie's (whom will be arriving tonight) and Quattro starting 3 rd grade (the day Elvis was born), then getting sick and staying home for a couple days- now I'm sick... well, shit has been busy.
But we are all completely in love with our circle. It's weird how you have it all and then you add to it and realize you were in fact missing something (someone). I feel like she was supposed to be ours, but isn't that what everyone says? Well, you'd hope anyway. Really though, I love my little triangle I've kept for the last 8+ years but this, this thing that we have now feels like home. Not to say we won't have any more. We are young and we make really good people. So who knows.
Someone, unfortunately said to Eddie, "do you know how old you will be when she is in high school?" and to that I say- we will be that old anyway- why not have a kid in high school? Beats living in a retirement community, driving a golf cart.

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  1. Congratulations!! I have long used the "I would be that age anyway" comeback. Then I add, "I can still kick your ass".