Monday, August 24, 2009

He's baaaaaack.

Yay. I am so glad. Relieved really. Having him gone, out of town where I can't get to him.. I don't know if I am feeling extra needy, nesty or motherly- whatever it is, I wanted him back. Eddie too. We kept passing by his room and just wishing he was here.
We got our shit together though. Finished the baby room, which we will be filling in about 15 days. Wow, that is a total freak out to type. 15 days, I really can't believe the 9 months has passed us so quickly.
Eddie played the Sunset on Saturday. It was awesome. Some great friends came out, Marty was playing with him, the whole evening was lovely. I even wore heels, I rocked 'em out.

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