Friday, October 16, 2009

I can't take it!

So I have been reading the bands msg board, a lot of people not in the know have a lot to say about what we all know- Ron has left the band.
I guess I realize and appreciate that opinions are like assholes. I get it- god forbid I give an opinion though, everyone would jump all over it. Anyway, I'm rambling because I have precious little time right now I just wanted to say it is what it is an no ones cryin'. If you choose to "leave" the band and move on, go ahead. I don't think it is possible for the band to break up after this- Siegel went and no one cried then either (well maybe his girlfriend did). It's life. It's a business, the fucking show must go on- no one has a plan B here. I mean, maybe one day Eddie will be solo and Dan will be a tow truck driver, but I can't see- those two are like Frik and Frak, they complete each other.
I'd love to write a book and tell you all the drama from behind the scenes- you don't have to be in Van Halen to have a story to tell but there's that- it isn't my story to tell. I'd love to accept the Yoko title too, but truth be told, I have nothing to do with the band. I have little to do with the music (although I will admit to influencing Eddie through our relationship, that ended up in song) what's he supposed to write about? smoking pot all day? He just doesn't do that anymore, it's would be fake. I do think there's a lot more fun in his writing to come, it has been an odd 3 years, so I am hoping the next record is a little more rock and a little less relationship. There, I said it, I am tired of hearing about our trials and trib's too but I am glad he did what he wanted, I am not going to say I don't appreciate the work he does, whatever he does, I'm a lifer but I'm ready for something else, in the music. I'll keep my life the way it is though, as you know- we've had to work hard and celebrating 10 years of marriage (in December!) is how we get paid.
Oh and for all the shit talkers on the msg board. Suck it.


  1. I can't imagine the frustration you feel sometimes. I stay clear of most message boards for that very reason... people spouting off about things they have no idea about. I do want to say that I love your blogs and the insight you share but I get what you mean if you were to post this in another venue like the message board. It really is BS. I hope you continue to write because as I've mentioned it's really a pleasure to read.

    I for one will continue to love the Supersuckers regardless of the line up!

    Take care...

    PS... I'm hoping to see the show this weekend in St. Louis. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  2. Just wanted to say that my family and I are big fans. I never went on the forum until we got the news of Ron's departure. Went on there to see if there was any insight and was bummed on the lack of respect. Looking forward to hearing the new lineup. Have a good one!