Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Work it out.

Sounds like all is going well on this tour. I just talked to Eddie (I'm lying, we were texting) and he and Marty are jammin' out in the htl room, Scott is probably sleeping and Bolton watching cartoons. Fisher was on FB but now who knows, maybe he's buying me a present. Kidding.
It's all very exciting. The fans aren't the only ones that want a change in set. Shit, you aren't the only ones that want a new record. I chalk it up to being exhausted, mentally, the whole lot of them. Things were not that awesome for the last few years, I will say that. And again, I know this isn't my band, but it is my business. Unhappy husband is an unhappy family and that will always be my business. Anyway, that's all I will say, I think they are all on the right track, I can practically smell it- stale beer, sweat and pot mixed with a little bit of change. Mmmm.
But the tour, I can't wait! I was just thinking about it and my last SS show was... dare I say, Hootenanny? WTF!? After that we went to Europe (where I started this lil thang) and since then I've been here, having babies, walking dogs, skateboarding with 8 year olds and shit. I like to think of it as a Jekyll and Hyde. I stay home and do my thing- the mom thing, until I get bored or until Q crosses one too many consecutive days off the calendar. Then we go out on the road (99% of the time with our kid(s)) with 'the greatest rock n' roll band in the world' and enjoy this life, and all it's unconventional beauty. I mean after our kids are grown this is what we will be doing full time, together... I hope it's not in the big white van but even if it is, I'll still be there.

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